Named Endowments and Facilities

Named Endowments

UCSF is fortunate in the strength of its financial endowment, which sustains the institution. Healthy as this endowment is, however, it must be perpetually grown and nurtured to ensure that UCSF's potential for great achievement is never limited by a lack of resources.

Gifts to the endowment are critical because they provide the financial security of permanent funding that:

  • Makes the difference between a faculty that is merely good and one that leads the way
  • Separates ordinary research programs from those that redefine how problems are approached and solved
  • Helps speed laboratory discoveries into new clinical therapies
  • Creates educational opportunities sought by students the world over
  • Provides for state-of-the-art tools for scientists, guaranteeing that possibilities for discoveries are never stunted for want of equipment

How Endowed Gifts Work

UCSF receives a steady stream of support from more than 700 endowed funds, including more than 150 distinguished professorships and endowed chairs. These endowments make possible the University's continued contributions to the future of science and health.


For the donor, an endowment creates an enduring highly visible link between the donor or honoree for whom the endowment is named and the achievements of the program that the endowment supports. For the recipient, an endowment provides a welcome, ongoing source of funding – freeing faculty members from the demanding task of applying for grants and allowing students to devote themselves to full-time study. For UCSF, endowments allow the deans and directors to enhance existing programs with fellowships and lectureships. They also support promising new programs that might otherwise go unfunded. Additionally, endowments are powerful recruiting tools for attracting and retaining the most talented and sought-after health scientists and teachers.

Endowed Giving Opportunities

Distinguished Professorship

$2,500,000 (School of Medicine and Graduate Division)

$1,500,000 (Schools of Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy)

UCSF’s highest faculty honor, distinguished professorships enable the University to make a permanent, substantial commitment to a researcher or clinician and his or her area of intellectual interest. Reserved for leaders in their fields, distinguished professorships signify UCSF’s belief in a faculty member’s past contributions and future promise. These endowments are often used to create new positions and attract world-renowned scientists to UCSF.

Endowment for Excellence


Endowments for excellence give donors the opportunity to fund an area of deep personal interest. These endowments typically support an outstanding program that would be enhanced by permanent, stable sources of funding, thus eliminating or reducing the need to constantly write or renew grants.

Endowed Chair


Endowed chairs honor their holders by recognizing past achievements and future potential. Because it is honorary and permanent, this type of endowment plays a vital role in sustaining a first-rate faculty. Further gifts to endowed chairs can grow these endowments to the level of distinguished professorships, which provide even greater honor and support.

Faculty Fellowship


Faculty fellowships provide ongoing support for junior-level faculty as they establish research careers, gain teaching experience and provide patient care. These endowments can enhance the productivity of a young researcher or help nurture a great teacher, encouraging them to remain in education.

Graduate Fellowship


Increasingly, UCSF Graduate Division students find it difficult to secure funding for their education and research during this highly creative period in their careers. Many grant-making agencies will not support these scientists before they reach the point of publishable findings, regardless of their work’s potential. Graduate fellowships free young researchers to pursue their best ideas.



Endowed lectureships are essential to the intellectual enrichment of UCSF and the scientific community at large. These endowments bring visiting scholars to the University to share their ideas and research findings at lectures and seminars. In turn, these guests learn from the UCSF faculty members they meet.

Research Fund


Endowed research funds support faculty members or graduate students pursuing promising areas of scientific inquiry or enable the exploration of new and unexpected investigative opportunities. Research funds can provide a steady stream of revenue for otherwise unfunded work.

Endowed Scholarship


Endowed scholarships ensure that UCSF will continue to educate a diverse and exceptionally talented group of students in its Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy, regardless of their financial circumstances. Given the high cost of living in the Bay Area, a scholarship enables UCSF to recruit the best and the brightest, providing much-needed funding for tuition, books, fees and living expenses.

General Endowment


Nearly any area of education, research or clinical care can benefit from a general endowment. Income from this type of fund may be restricted to a particular purpose or directed to the University’s most pressing needs.

Learn more: Gift & Endowment Planning website

Named Facilities

Investing in capital projects is one of the most enduring and tangible ways to help build the future of the University – providing the space and infrastructure needed to accommodate the UCSF researchers, teachers and clinicians who will make the next breakthroughs in science and health.

UCSF has several state-of-the-art buildings under construction. These facilities will allow scientists and physicians focused on certain disease areas to work together under one roof – collaborations that will speed discoveries from laboratories to improved health.

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