Named Endowments and Facilities

Named Endowments

UC San Francisco's endowment, with assets now at the $1.9 billion mark, is comprised of more than 1,000 individual funds established by our most generous donors. The first named endowed chair, created in 1933, was the Morris Herzstein Chair of Biology and Physiology, which has grown more than 30-fold since its establishment. Over many decades the endowment has enabled the University to recruit and retain distinguished faculty, attract the best and brightest students, and perform groundbreaking research.

Considering UCSF's changing economic environment — declining support from both the State of California and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to fund the institution's most pressing needs — the endowment is increasingly important as a dependable source of funding for our faculty and students.


UCSF offers many opportunities for donors to contribute to existing endowments as well as to establish new named endowed funds with gifts of $100,000 or more. Gifts of endowment may be directed to a specific purpose or be designated as unrestricted for use by the campus, or a school, or a program. The endowment enables growth and enrichment in many ways and is a vital component of UCSF’s continuing financial stability.

Endowed Funds and Minimum Giving Levels (Effective July 1, 2014)

Professorships enable the University to make a permanent, substantial commitment to a researcher or clinician and his or her area of intellectual interest. Reserved for leaders in their fields, professorships signify UCSF's belief in a faculty member's past contributions and future promise. These endowments are often used to create new positions and attract internationally renowned faculty members to UCSF. Endowment earnings pay for salary, benefits, research and administrative assistants, equipment, publications, and other expenses related to the faculty member's work.

Dean's Professorship

$10,000,000 (Held by Dean of Medicine)
$5,000,000 (Held by Deans of Dentistry, Nursing, and Pharmacy)

UCSF Professorship

$5,000,000 (Awarded by Chancellor)

Chair's Professorship

$5,000,000 (Held by Department Chair or Organized Research Unit (ORU) Director)

Distinguished Professorship

$4,000,000 (School of Medicine)
$2,500,000 (Schools of Dentistry, Nursing, and Pharmacy)

Endowed Professorship


A Faculty Scholar Fund primarily provides support for a junior-level faculty member at a formative time in his or her career who is building a reputation for advancing knowledge in his or her field. Such endowments can enhance the productivity of a young scholar and help nurture a great teacher, encouraging his or her commitment to academic medicine. The annual payout supports salary supplements, equipment, research, travel expenses, and more.

$2,000,000 (Junior Faculty) Term appointments.

A Research Fund can be set up to support faculty members and/or graduate students. Such funds enable the recipient to pursue promising areas of scientific inquiry. They can be used to fund a project in its initial stages or to provide supplemental funding for projects only partially covered by grants and other funding. In addition, they can be used to underwrite the costs of exploring new and unexpected avenues of discovery. Research funds can provide a steady stream of revenue for work that is considered too "risky" to be funded by the NIH. The payout on endowed research funds typically covers the cost of research materials, equipment, publications, and other related expenses.


Fellowships provide funding primarily to junior level faculty, doctoral students, post-doctoral and clinical fellows, and residents to assist with additional expenses incurred while pursuing a doctorate or advanced training at UCSF. Fellowships free beginning researchers and clinicians to pursue their best ideas by providing professional travel, tuition, books, research costs, and living expenses. They also enable UCSF to continue to recruit the most talented and diverse students and trainees from around the world.

Chancellor's Endowed Fellowship


Dean's Endowed Fellowship


Endowed Fellowship


The annual payout on an Endowed scholarship is used to help cover educational expenses incurred while earning a professional degree at UCSF, including tuition and other indirect costs. The ability to assist with such costs enables UCSF to recruit the best and the brightest students from across the country and the world, and permits our graduates to pursue their chosen career paths without excessive debt burden. Scholarship support also ensures UCSF will continue to educate a diverse and exceptionally talented group of professional students in its Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Chancellor's Endowed Scholarship


Dean's Endowed Scholarship


Endowed Scholarship


Endowed lectureships are essential to the intellectual enrichment of UCSF and the scientific community at large. These endowments bring scholars from peer institutions to the University to share their ideas and research findings at lectures and seminars. In turn, these guests benefit from the UCSF faculty members they meet during their visit. Endowed lectureships pay travel costs and honoraria for visiting scholars. Donors often choose to create a lectureship in a particular area of interest.


General endowment can support almost any area of education, research, or clinical care that can benefit from a general endowment. Income from this type of fund may be restricted to a particular purpose or directed to the University's most pressing needs.



Investing in capital projects is one of the most enduring and tangible ways to help build the future of the University and provide the space and infrastructure needed to accommodate UCSF researchers, teachers, and clinicians who will make the next breakthroughs in science and health.

UCSF has several state-of-the-art buildings under construction. These facilities will allow scientists and physicians focused on certain disease areas to work together under one roof — collaborations that will help speed scientific discoveries from the lab to the bedside. UCSF Development and Alumni Relations staff can work closely with you to create an endowment that matches your personal interests and fulfills your philanthropic priorities. 

To learn more about the UCSF endowment, please contact Dan Riley, Executive Director in the UCSF Office of Gift & Endowment Planning. Call 415-476-1475 or email