The Audit Committee acts as the oversight body for the Foundation’s financial reporting process, system of internal control, and audit process. The committee is responsible for monitoring compliance with laws, regulations and the code of conduct for this corporation.


The goal of the Development Committee advises campus leadership on strategies to significantly increase private support for UCSF. The committee plays a strategic role in establishing goals, setting and implementing strategies, and monitoring performance, as well as an operational role in expanding UCSF’s donor base and building a pipeline of donors to support campus priorities.


The Executive Committee provides guidance on the overall direction for the Board and committees throughout the year. The committee may exercise all of the powers of the Board in the general governance of the affairs of the Foundation.


The Government & Community Relations Committee assists and advises campus leaders in advocating for UCSF’s current priorities and future needs at the local, state, and federal levels.


The Investment Committee acts on behalf of the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibility for the Foundation’s investment assets. The committee is responsible for formulating the overall investment policies of the Foundation – subject to approval by the Board of Directors – and establishing investment guidelines in furtherance of those policies. The committee monitors the management of the portfolio for compliance with policies and guidelines and with respect to meeting performance objectives over time.

MARKETING (on hiatus)

The Marketing Committee is currently on hiatus. The group advises the University, medical center, and Foundation in efforts to promote UCSF to donors, influential community members, alumni, and referring physicians throughout the Bay Area and beyond. The committee reviews marketing plans, communication strategies, branding initiatives, donor relations and stewardship activities, and provides advice on traditional and new forms of social media.p>


The Nominating & Governance Committee builds a pipeline of friends and supporters of UCSF and recommends new Board of Directors nominees to the Board for election. Throughout the year, committee members also develop and execute strategies to cultivate relationships with potential donors and nominees.


The Real Estate Committee advises the University on strategies involving expansion, consolidation planning, and development opportunities. Committee members work with UCSF’s Real Estate and Planning office on the acquisition of space for UCSF’s clinical, research, academic, and administrative functions, ensuring adequate facilities for the future growth of these programs.


The Innovations Committee launched in 2015 and advises UCSF leadership, in particular the Office of Innovation and Partnerships, on strategies to develop entrepreneurial and educational programs and strengthen partnerships between UCSF’s researchers, philanthropists, and industry partners.