Annual Report

Financial Management and Investment

All gifts to the UCSF Foundation are expended strictly in accordance with donors' wishes. Gifts to the Foundation support cutting edge research, provide endowments to recruit and retain faculty, bolster capital projects such as new buildings and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, and provide scholarships to the world renowned medical professionals and scientists of tomorrow.

Funds received by the Foundation are invested and managed by the Investment Committee of the UCSF Foundation. The Investment Committee includes Directors, Chancellor's Associates, and other professionals with an interest and expertise in investment management.

Investment assets are divided into three categories and invested separately: endowment fund, current fund, and planned giving assets. The endowment fund includes both permanent endowments and funds functioning as endowments. The primary investment objective for these funds is growth of principal sufficient to preserve purchasing power and the provision of income to support current and future University activities. The UCSF Foundation is audited annually by a nationally recognized public accounting firm.

2013-2014 Financial Highlights