UCSF Foundation Overview

The UCSF Foundation, established in 1982, is the giving, receiving and investing arm of the University of California, San Francisco. As the University receives a diminishing portion—less than 8% in 2010—of its operating budget from state appropriations, UCSF relies increasingly on philanthropic support to continue its work locally, nationally and internationally and to provide the margin of excellence that distinguishes UCSF’s schools and hospitals. Through the leadership, guidance and generosity of the Foundation Board of Directors and other donors and volunteer leaders, the Foundation helps ensure that UCSF remains among the finest academic, research and clinical care institutions worldwide.

The UCSF Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who serve as advocates, advisors and ambassadors for UCSF. Directors serve a maximum of three terms of three years’ duration. Directors serving with distinction for nine years may be invited to continue to guide the Foundation as Distinguished or Lifetime Directors.

The Foundation Board of Directors serves as a valuable resource to UCSF’s leadership, helping to raise private support for the University and lending considerable expertise and valuable time to the University. As the fiduciary trustees of the Foundation, the Board of Directors manages Foundation business affairs and operations, invests and manages the Foundation’s funds, and sets Foundation goals in accordance with university policies and state and federal laws. In addition, the Board of Directors advises UCSF leadership on key campus issues and helps guide strategies to advance the Chancellor’s priorities and vision.

The Foundation’s daily operations are administered by UCSF’s Development and Alumni Relations Office, which is responsible for garnering private support and fostering communication and outreach to the University’s donors and other constituents.