Stem Cell and Regeneration Medicine

At UCSF, the promise of using a patient's own cells to fight diseases and find cures – the ultimate in personalized medicine – is becoming a reality.


Stem Cell Research and Regeneration Medicine at UCSF

The Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regeneration Medicine and Stem Cell Research at UCSF is committed to the discovery of life-changing, life-saving treatments for patients affected by diseases of the hematopoietic, musculoskeletal, neural, cardiovascular, pancreatic, epithelial and reproductive systems. Our center combines the talents of molecular biologists, developmental and cell biologists, neurobiologists, immunologists and cancer researchers to better understand cellular development. The insights made by our researchers will shape and direct potential therapies, which will be tested and refined in UCSF-based clinical trials.

At the center's headquarters in the Ray and Dagmar Dolby Regeneration Medicine Building, on the Parnassus campus, basic scientists and clinicians in each of the seven pipelines work in neighborhoods adjacent to one another. Four split-level floors of 20 labs are connected by breakout areas, maximizing the chance encounter and creating great opportunity for interaction and collaboration among the more than 250 researchers. This will allow for easy translation of scientific discoveries from bench to bedside – a hallmark of UCSF.

Your gifts will help the center accelerate the pace of scientific discovery and pursue promising clinical applications swiftly, recruit world-class researchers, support training and provide resources to explore innovative research opportunities.


  • Co-discovered and named "embryonic stem cells"
  • Reprogrammed adult mouse skin cells into embryonic-like induced pluripotent cells
  • Cured Parkinson's disease and stopped epilepsy in rats using stem cell-based treatments
  • In 2006, derived 11 new stem cell lines and shared them with other academic institutions around the globe
  • In 2001, became one of two academic institutions in the country to derive human embryonic stem cells included on the federally approved list

"With your support for our team of superior scientists and construction of our new building, the Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regeneration Medicine and Stem Cell Research at UCSF will continue to be uniquely poised to take advantage of funding for bold and innovative stem cell research." - Arnold Kriegstein, MD, PhD, Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regeneration Medicine and Stem Cell Research director, John G. Bowes Distinguished Professor in Stem Cell and Tissue Biology

For more information on supporting Stem Cell Research and Regeneration Medicine at UCSF, please contact Michael Faber at or 415/476-2617.