Countless individuals with arthritis are living lives with greater mobility and less pain - thanks to research conducted at UCSF.


Arthritis at UCSF

From 1997 to 2003, the number of Americans with arthritis or other rheumatic conditions rose 25 percent, due to the aging U.S. population. Yet the future looks promising: scientific advances at UCSF are leading to unprecedented methods for preventing and treating the disease.

UCSF is fortunate to be home to the Rosalind Russell/Ephraim P. Engleman Rheumatology Research Center . The center funds investigations conducted by biomedical scientists in the UCSF Division of Rheumatology. It also supports UCSF's postdoctoral education program for physicians in training to become rheumatologists, many of whom become arthritis researchers.

These scientists are uncovering the causes of arthritis and designing more effective, less toxic treatments. They're also pioneers in studying the interface between bone biology and immunology with the goal of learning how to inhibit bone destruction caused by arthritis and osteoporosis. In addition, UCSF researchers are examining arthritis pain and designing more effective pain relief medications.

Your gifts to the Russell/Engleman Rheumatology Research Center will fuel these investigations and help improve quality-of-life for the millions afflicted with arthritis.


  • Ranked among the nation's top 10 hospitals for rheumatology by U.S. News & World Report
  • Division of Rheumatology consistently ranked among the top two or three arthritis research groups in the world
  • Conducted pioneering research that led to the development of a new drug for rheumatoid arthritis, Abatacept
  • Established the UCSF Arthritis Clinical Trials Center to accelerate the development of more effective treatments with less harmful side effects, which has become perhaps the largest and most respected resource of its kind

"These diseases will be cured some day. They'll be prevented someday. There's no reason to think it will be different." - David Wofsy, MD, George A. Zimmermann Distinguished Professor of Rheumatology

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